Wooden Doors

Entrance Doors

Entrance Doors

Our wooden entrance doors are compliant to the newest technical developments and put standards in the field ofhousebreaking security, isolation against coldness and a great flexibility in design variations. The built in 3-times locking-system is a big problem for housebreakers and guarantees a high security for your house.

Through the use of high-quality isolating-glass and isolated wooden door fillings we achieve a high grade of density and optimal heat insulation.

The great flexibility in design variations begins with the selection of the right wood which should be used. You can choose between following kind of wood: Pine, Oak, Larch and Meranti. Also in questions of colouring you can choose between a numerous variation of 210 RAL colours and a big palette of wood glazing varnishes.

An essential fact in design purposes is the individual placement of glass and wooden filling parts in your front door. To give you some examples for your inspiration we placed several pictures on our website. Please take a look and get inspired.

Definitely our skilled person from customer support will help you to make the right decision and to create your individual wooden front door.

Also the construction of accessories together with your front door is no problem for us. Please ask us !

We will help to realize your ideas!

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