New IV78 profile system wooden window

We are happy to introduce our new IV78 profile system wooden windows, which offer the following advantages in comparison with the traditional IV68 wooden window profile system:

  • The IV78 profile is 10 mm thicker than the IV68 profile (78 mm thick); therefore it offers better thermal characteristics;
  • Up to 44 mm thick glass packets may be installed into the windows, which helps to improve heat and sound insulation characteristics;
  • The IV78 profile is much more rigid than the standard IV68 profile.

For further information, please contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions and advise you on every aspect of this product!

Acoustic glass

Noise pollution is a growing environmental concern and nuisance, especially in urban areas. Even the background noise of 70 decibels caused by outside traffic can cause disturbance and stress over a continued period of time. Acoustic glass technologies have been developed to combat levels of unwanted noise, whether it be for a translator’s booth, a house located near a busy road or an office next to the airport.

BMB Wood Aluminium Windows

Our new BMB wood-aluminium-windows are based on a brilliant idea of combining natural aesthetics of an authentic wooden window with unique technical specifications of highly durable aluminium. Double advantage is guaranteed – wood creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere from the inside, whereas aluminium offers reliability and resistance to atmospheric agents. Moreover, aluminium will protect the wooden constructions for decades, thus saving you from the need to repaint them.

Just like the BMB high-quality-windows, the BMB wood-aluminium-windows are also available in various colours and forms. Furthermore, aluminium offers a wide range of surface finishes that blend in nicely with the colour of the wood. The BMB wood-aluminium windows – weatherproof from the outside and very cosy from the inside.

BMB Sliding Sash and Flush Casement windows

We are happy to announce that we have started the production of windows and doors for the UK and Ireland.

The production range includes standard English-style Flush Casement windows as well as different types of Sliding Sash windows. For further information, please check BMB Sliding Sash Windows. Also, we offer French doors, entrance doors and different variations of sliding and folding doors. For further information, please check BMB French Doors.

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